Our Organization

Leaders in Transformational Education (L.I.T.E.) is a 501(C)3 non-profit company. L.I.T.E. provides results-oriented services to opportunity youth seeking pathways to their future. Leaders in Transformational Education is a company owned and developed by four diverse women with over 50 collective years working with community based nonprofit organizations, specifically with opportunity youth and their families. L.I.T.E. services provide comprehensive experiential learning where young adults are key team members in the design of their individual plans. Our company completes comprehensive youth and family needs assessments. Youth and adults share in the development of goals and individualized wrap plans. Our programming fills a gap providing services to a target population that typically is left to navigate employment, self directed learning and adult systems. Leaders in Transformational Education (L.I.T.E.) works with opportunity youth to identify challenges across multiple areas and designs mutually agreed upon plans to find pathways to reach future goals.

Leaders in Transformational Education (L.I.T.E.) strives toward a collective impact effort for opportunity youth and other pressing social issues. Collectively, our passion is to create sustainable and effective programs to better the lives of disadvantaged populations. We know that collaboration across all sectors, building a network of strong trusted relationships, and believing in a shared vision is the backbone to eliminating gaps in education, creating employment opportunity, and giving real opportunity to all.